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Visman: Skeleton-Organs-Textured

3D Human Male Skeleton Model with Organs and Textures

This male human skeleton with organs and textures was created by a professional medical illustrator from medical images by segmenting the CT data of the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Male TM. Designed for use when an anatomically accurate bone models are desired. All bones are individual models, ready for rigging and manipulation. Polygon mesh is high resolution and high quality to retain details.

Models included:
Full Skeleton
Stomach and esophagus
Small intestine
Colon (Large intestine)
Kidneys and Suprarenal glands
Urinary bladder and ureters
Male reproductive organs
Texture maps for all models

File Types:
3D Studio Max 9.0
Cinema 4D R10
Wavefront OBJ


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